Uninterruptible power system (UPS system)

MP & EC Series
Power Propeller of Your Business

(2)   CH Series
A Perpetual Power Source
MP & EC Series
Power Propeller of Your Business

         We offer full suite of power protection equipments, from line interactive to Single / Three phase output UPS systems upto 200KVA capacity, customized to meet the requirements of all mission critical applications of the IT, Telecom, Medical and Industrial Automation & Control Systems. Have strategic alliance with leading international power electronics company.

Uniturrptible power system UPS system
  • Microprocessor based
  • High AC-AC efficiency
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified product.
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Galvanic isolation to load through transformer
  • Wide input window
  • Generator Compatible
  • Optional Harmonic Filters to minimize THD at the input.
  • Intelligent ripple-free battery charging management
  • Optional remote panel displays
  • Optional manual By-pass
  • Hot - Standby Configurations
  • High MTBF
  • Static switches for load sharing options
  • SNMP compatible (optional)

Uniturrptible power system UPS system

      This is an intelligent, compact, eco-friendly, high efficient; microprocessor based online double conversion, single-phase/three phase output UPS system, with ratings up to 200KVA.

Microprocessor Controlled / DSP Based

     Internal circuits adapt CPU control that can auto monitor and manage all UPS actions, thus provides continuous, uninterrupted output to loads

Advanced Hi-response Digital (AHD)

     technology Inverter adjusts the PWM pulse train to the Power Switches with greater precision and ensures stability of the output, with changing non-linear loads. The IGBT based inverter operates at high frequency thus reduced filters and high efficiency.

Uniturrptible power system UPS system Better Input Power Factor
        The IGBT charger and primary full bridge converter, unlike phase-controlled rectifier, minimizes the harmonies being induced into the line, thus improves the input power factor high. With the optional harmonic filters, power factor is enhanced to levels close to unity.
Digital Display
        An alphanumeric digital display, with a scroll switch provides instantaneous status of UPS parameters like voltage, load percentage, frequency, DC Bus and temperature.
Power Experts
         It is just not enough to deliver products of leading edge technology; it is essential to anticipate and fulfill the power demands of the customer by advocating the right configuration of Power Equipments. Our business competence drawn from our experience of working closely with the customers across diverse industries, over two decades, helps us to address this issue effectively.

Modular Construction


       The Power Switch assemblies and drive circuits are constructed as separate modules and placed in rack arrangement for easy maintenance, low MTTR and compact size. The assemblies are also fitted with diagnostic LEDs, enabling rapid detection of system anomalies and high level of serviceability.


Service Network


        Our national presence, beside keeping us within close reach of our customers, helps us to provide Proactive Single Window Solution to the power needs of customers at multiple locations. Our Customer Support Team's competence in analyzing & delivering contingency solutions, with our actions touching more aspects of their emergency needs have won many repeat customers.


Online Double Conversion UPS System
Microprocessor based PWM inverters using IGBT

Tecnical Specifications for MP-Series & EC-Series

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CH Series
A Perpetual Power Source

            A most advanced technology UPS, brings new level of efficiency and reliability in single-phase design. It is an innovative, microprocessor based, hi-frequency, active PF corrected, true online double conversion UPS with total control on harmonics at both input and output. Hi-Frequency technology specially developed for high crest factor loads, responds swiftly for changes in load ensuring superior quality power to the loads.

  • Microprocessor based / IGBT Technology
  • Intelligent, Compact and sleek UPS
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified product.
  • Enlarges input voltage window based on load percentage
  • High AC-AC efficiency
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Small, light, easy to install and operate
  • Generator compatible
  • Provision for internal batteries
  • Longer back-up
  • EMI/RFI filters at input and output
  • Cold Start
  • N+X Parallel connection
  • Galvanic isolation option
  • Ripple free charger for enhanced battery life
  • Integral static bypass
  • SNMP option lets UPS to communicate across remote network
  • LED / LCD Status display

Microprocessor circuits analyze and control the harmonics levels at the input that may back feed into the line. Widens the input window for voltage and frequency depending on load levels and provides total protection for the inverter and booster circuits.

Active PF corrected boost fly - back converter with active current shaping techniques enhances input power factor as high as 0.98 with current harmonics less than 10%, thus meets stringent EMI/EMC standards like EN50091-2, a essential one for better utility of input resources with less pollution.


Intelligent Converter


           Input Voltage window is extended to low as 120V, depending on load quantum, thus enables better utilization of mains power even under chronic brownout condition. Extended battery life.


Elegant Engineering


           The power and hi-speed digital circuits are compartmented to unbind the design from signal integrity and thermal related problems. The entire power circuit is constructed on a separate PCB thus protects the power device failures against spurious triggering and provides highest level of power reliability. Today's global business demands bringing products of leading edge technology at a competitive price. We are a leader in the field of power protection for over two decades, with strategic tie-ups with international partners delivers products of superior quality standards. It is a one stop, cost effective resource for power management solutions. Partner with us to realize it.


Wide frequency window of 46 to 54 Hz at the input ensures impeccable synchronization with Genset supply, unlike legacy UPS thus prevents unnecessary battery discharge on Generator supply.

A unique self - diagnostic feature during startup reconfirms the stability of power and drive circuits by simulating fault conditions like utility failure, over temperature and thus ensures uninterrupted power during operation.

SNMP compatible intelligent port for remote monitoring and control of UPS. You may now monitor various UPS parameters by running power management software like Upsilon from anywhere in the network.

Comprehensive, pro-active as well emergency services are extended from our factory- trained team of power engineers, located at our offices spread across the length and breadth of the country.


Online Double Conversion UPS
Microprocessor based PWM technology using IGBT

Technical Specifications for CH=Series

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Parallel Redundant System available from 6 to 20 KVA
Technical know how of UPS
1. Power Quality Problems?

The following is an overview of the typical power quality problems encountered. Give special attention to the unit type vs. the problems addressed for each type of power problem.

Power Quality Problem Description Effect
Temporary Interruption Planned or accidental total loss of utility power in a
localized area of the community. Seconds to minutes.
Equipment shutdown, loss of work and data, file and hard disk and operating system (OS) corruption, loss of fiber optic, T1 and ISDN connections.
Long-Term Interruption Planned or accidental total loss of utility power in a localized area of the community. Minutes to hours. Equipment shutdown, loss of work and data, file and hard disk and OS corruption, loss of fiber optic, T1 and ISDN connections.
Momentary Interruption Very short planned or accidental power loss. Milliseconds to seconds. Computer hangs, computer and network equipment
reboots or hangs, loss of work and data, file and hard
disk and OS corruption.
Sag or Under-Voltage A decrease in utility voltage Sags -- Milliseconds to a few seconds Under-voltage -- Longer

than a few seconds
Shrinking display screens, equipment hang or reset, equipment power supply damage, Computer hangs,
computer and network equipment reboots or hangs, loss of work and data, file and hard disk and OS corruption.
Swell or Over-Voltage An increase in Utility voltage Swell -- Milliseconds to a few seconds

Over-voltage -- Longer than a few seconds
Permanent equipment damage, Computer hangs, computer and network equipment reboots or hangs, loss of work and data, file and hard disk and OS corruption.
Transient, Impulse or Spike A sudden change in voltage up to several hundred to
thousands of volts.

Network Errors, Burned or damaged equipment and
circuitry, Computer hangs, computer and network equipment reboots or hangs, loss of work and data, file and hard disk and OS corruption.
Notch A disturbance of opposite polarity from the waveform.

Slow LAN due to excessive errors, audible noise in
telephone and audio equipment.
Noise An unwanted electrical signal of high frequency from other equipment Sporadic. Slow LA N due to excessive errors, audible noise in
telephone and audio equipment. Equipment hangs.
Harmonic Distortion An alteration of the pure sinewave (sinewave distortion), due to nonlinear loads such as computer
switching power supplies.
Causes motors, transformers and wiring to overheat, lowers operating efficiency of office equipment,
2. How to Choose an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS )
An uninterruptible power supply or (UPS) is the best way to protect your computer hardware and documents from power fluctuations. It also lets you continue to work during brief power failures. You can sometimes find wattage and volt-amperage of your computer equipment in the manual or on a sticker on the chassis .Whether you need EMI and FRI protection depends on the quality of your electricity and the amount of other electronic equipment in the vicinity of your computer.

Mains power is continually plagued by surges, sags, spikes, transients, EMI, RFI and even complete failure, all of which affect sensitive electronic equipment. The key benefits to having UPS protection and support are: Avoiding costly hardware damage-Avoiding date corruption and loss Avoiding costly and inconvenient down time Enabling remote monitoring and control of power requirements Enabling unattended orderly shutdown in the event of mains failure .

There are basically three types of UPSs: Standby, Line-interactive, and On-Line.

Standby : sometimes called off-line with this type if power supply, power comes directly from the A/C outlet until the voltage sages or the power fails .After the power sags or fails, a battery powered inverter almost immediately turns on the continue to supply you with power Batteries are charged , as necessary , when direct A/C power is available .Even while power is coming directly from A/C outlet, the UPS provides protection from voltage spikes and surges .Standby units are the low coat solutions in the UPS family .

Line-interactive: Just like the standby units, line-interactive UPSs provide protection form spikes and surges, as well as supplying auxiliary power if voltage sag or a blackout occurs. Unlike the standby units, line-interactive UPSs provide automatic voltage boost when the power dips, without accessing the batteries .This feature provides continuous lined conditioning, promotes longer battery life, and eliminates electronic noise that can cause minor application errors and loss of date.

On-line: On-line UPSs provide the highest quality of power protection by using a double-conversion technique. The UPS takes the incoming A/C power and recreates it by converting the voltage to D/C, then conditioning the power to eliminate noise , sags ,or surges , and finally , converting it back to A/C before it exists the UPS.

Since the power runs continuously through the inverter, there is no transfer or switching time to battery mode in event of a blackout.
3. How do I select the right UPS for my equipment ?
1. if you have a limited budget , choose a standby ( also called off-line) UPS that switches to battery power when power goes out . And choose an on-line UPS if you need unlimited backup power.

2. Select a line-interactive UPS if your needs fall between the two other types. Determine the total power needs ( in watts and volt-amperes ) of equipment you will connect to the UPS. Choose a UPS that equals or exceeds the total power requirements of the equipment that you will connect to it.

3. Compare the following five specifications for different models: maximum surge current, surge suppression, suppression response time. Battery recharge time, and number of AC outlets.

4. Find out if the unit under consideration has a replaceable battery , and if the battery is user-replaceable .And compare battery operating times ( how long the UPS will keep equipment running after power failure).

5. Look for a unit with modem surge protection and electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) noise reduction if you need those features.

6. Check for alarms or LEDs that indicate wiring problem, whether the equipment is running on UPS battery , and whether the battery is low.

7. if you are buying a more expensive unit, get one with software that automatically saves documents, closes applications , and turns off equipment when power goes out.

8. Compare warranties.
Servo Control Voltage Stabilizers ll 1 phase Air cooled ll 3 phase Air cooled ll
3 phase Oil cooled ll Transformer ll Power Transformer ll
ll Isolation Transformer ll
ll Variable Voltage Auto Transformer (Variac) ll


   Servo Controlled Voltage   Stabilizers
1 phase Air cooled
  3 phase Air cooled
  3 phase Oil cooled
  Power Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Variable Voltage Auto     Transformer (Variac)




























































































































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